Reporting Clips

Financial Times Reporting

Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer pleads guilty in tax case

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor accused of tax fraud

Clothing retailers set for discount battle to clear inventory glut

Ben & Jerry’s loses attempt to block ice cream sales in West Bank

US retailers prepare for penny-pinching holidays as inflation bites

On the Ground International Reporting


‘Their lives collided with war’: Ukrainian refugees in Poland open their own schools, radio PRX The World

‘Home is home’: Ukrainians in Poland consider options as Russia’s war enters new phase, radio PRX The World

The Kyiv Symphony Orchestra fights on the war’s ‘cultural front’, radio PRX The World

In Poland, refugees from Ukraine escape the danger, but not the war, The Christian Science Monitor

Another language, another alphabet: Polish media adds Ukrainian sections amid war, Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University


Toll of the Bells: The forgotten history of nationalism, oppression, and murder behind a Christmas classic, Slate

This Elaborate Ukrainian Bread Is the Wedding Dessert We Didn’t Know We Wanted, Saveur

In Ukraine’s presidential election, one big issue: corruption, The Christian Science Monitor

For Ukraine’s Wartime Fact-Checkers, the Battle Rages On, The Wilson Quarterly

Wounded Vets Force Disability Rethink in Ukraine, The Christian Science Monitor

Ukraine War Forces A Nation to Talk About a Taboo: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, International Business Times

With Broken Economy And Scarce Jobs, Ukraine’s Displaced People Depend on Volunteers, International Business Times

Ukraine’s Small Business Owners Face War, Crisis With Optimism – And Dark Humor, International Business Times

Volunteers In West Ukraine Keep War Effort Alive, 600 Miles Away, International Business Times

After East Ukraine, Activists Say New President Poroshenko Must Tackle Corruption, International Business Times

Ukraine’s Army Can’t Fight Without Western Help, Says Ukrainian Security Chief, International Business Times

Unsettled again, Crimean Tatars look for direction in Ukraine, The Christian Science Monitor

After months of turmoil, voters in pro-West Ukraine want stability, The Christian Science Monitor

A Ukrainian factchecking site is trying to spot fake photos in social media — and building audience, Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University

National, International Affairs, and Economics Reporting

The war in Ukraine triggered a reckoning in universities, Coda Story

As war rages at home, Ukrainian choir heads to Carnegie Hall to celebrate 100 years of ‘Carol of the Bells,’ radio PRX The World

Letter from the diaspora: Why Ukraine will endure, The Christian Science Monitor

How the Ukraine Scandal Looks in Ukraine, Slate

What Does Brexit Mean for the US? Ahead of British Referendum on European Union, American Companies Face Uncertainty, International Business Times

Syrian Refugee Crisis: US, Obama Likely To Reach 10K Admission Goal, International Business Times

After A Year Of Gun Violence In America, Victims Debate Whether Gun Control Is the Answer, International Business Times

Commander In Chief Donald Trump? Military Leaders Disagree On Candidate’s Views As He Becomes Presumptive GOP Nominee, International Business Times

Paid-Family-Leave Benefits Explained After Hillary Clinton’s Statement At Democratic Debate, International Business Times

Brazil Offers Syrian Refugees A New Home, But The Economy Puts Their Latin American Future In Question, International Business Times

As Russia Bans Legal Human Rights Group, Lawyers Face Risks To Continue Work, International Business Times

Did Russia Kills Ukraine’s Electricity? Cyberattack Linked To Power Outages Has Global Implications, International Business Times

Donald Trump’s Wife Melania Will Hopefully Be ‘Future First Lady,’ Slovenians Say, International Business Times

Ukraine Today jumps into the Ukraine-Russia media war, The Christian Science Monitor

How did a female Ukrainian pilot end up in a Russian prison?, The Christian Science Monitor

With aggregation and translation, Russia’s free-press-in-exile site Meduza is reaching English readers, Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University

‘Act of Killing’ Director: How Did We Forget ‘One of the Biggest Massacres of the 20th Century?’, Foreign Policy

Book Reviews

‘Indonesia Etc.’ draws a skillful portrait of a complex nation, The Christian Science Monitor

Science and Environment

Making Super-Telescopes Requires Some Creative Engineering, The Smithsonian

Additional reporting clips from Indonesia including Southeast Asia Globe Magazine, The Jakarta Globe, CNN Travel available on request.